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Midasia Foreign Trade Ltd. Co.

Company Description

We are a Turkish company founded with Uzbek and Turkish investment. We offer foreign trade and consultancy services. With branches in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, we have business activities in key countries of the Central Asia. We mainly conduct our business with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine and other former eastern Soviet Union countries.
With our trade experience and database, especially regarding eastern countries, provides vital advantages to Turkish companies.


--- Import and export of construction materials.
- Sales of aluminum profile
- Sales of PVC profile
- Accessories of aluminum and PVC profiles
- Shower cabins
- Bath accessories
- Construction paint
- American door panels
- Wooden frames and profiles

--- Import and export of food stuff
- Dried beans: Red mullet, beans, chickpeas, rice, wheat, sesame, corn
- Dried fruits: Dried grapevine, almond, peanuts, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,
- Fruits and vegetables: Orange, tangerine, apple, lemon,
- Dried fruits and vegetables: Dried onion, dried tomatoes, dried pepper, dried apricots, dried melon, etc.
- Chocolate, bscuits and candy products.

--Import and export of machinery and parts
- Aluminum and PVC profile machines
- Textile machines
- Spare parts to textile machines

--- Electrical equipment:
- Various electrical cables
- Cable management equipment
- Electrical sockets and switches
- Lighting projectors and lamps
- Chandeliers

--- Textile
- Trade and consultancy of cotton and synthetic yarn
- Export of garments

- Office furniture
- Home furniture
- Classic furniture
- Furniture accessories
- Wooden and laminate flooring

---House hold items
- Plastic house hold items
- Steel house hold items

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