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Consortium Gifts was founded in 1999 and has over the last 15 years become one of the most dominant players in the corporate gifting and promotional space in India. We are also one of the most respected companies in the business and have a client base that exceeds more then 300 of India best corporate clients.

Not only do we keep large inventories of many products we can also help in quickly turn around orders of all sizes.

Do get in touch with us for your requirements, for products that we carry in stock we can offer low MOQ and delivery in under 3-4 days. You are also assured of the best quality as every piece is checked for quality at various points within the factory before dispatch.

If ever in the area do feel free to visit our premises as well. Look forward to your business.

We operate from the following 14 points of Culture:


We conduct ourselves with high levels of integrity. We will always speak the truth. We will make promises that we can keep. In case we have any broken promises, we will resolve them immediately.


We give 100 percent to any thing we take up and leave no stone unturned to keep our promises. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and Success of Consortium Gifts. We will always recommend Consortium products and services to who ever we meet with.


We are highly focused in our work and are responsible and accountable for completing it. Our aim will be to complete a task in the quickest possible time. We will keep ourselves away from any distractions while we are at work.

Great Products

We will always recommend the best products from our inventory to suit the needs of our customers. Surprising the customers with our product range will be our motto.

Exceptional Service

We will exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them exceptional service. We will make it very convenient and comfortable for them to transact with us.

Delightful Experience

We will ensure that our customers are always delighted when we interact with them. A Big Smile is what we look for on our customers when ever we meet or interact with them.


We will always be team players and will be willing to help our fellow team members. We will cooperate with them and would resolve our differences, if any, amicably. We will always speak high of our team members and treat them with respect. We will never speak to them rudely or demean them.


We believe in Work is Worship. So we treat our work place sacred and perform all our tasks wholeheartedly.


We will not be satisfied by just being good. We will strive for excellence both in our professional as well as personal lives. We will do everything to the best of our ability and believe that results will follow.

Great Place to Work

We value and respect our employees and relate to them as members of the Consortium Gifts Family. We will provide an environment where they can express themselves freely and grow to their full potential. Our employees will feel proud to share with their family and friends that they work with Consortium Gifts.

Supplier Relationship

Our suppliers are the backbone of our organization and we will relate to them as part of our team. We will strive to make all their payments with in the stipulated time and also help them in their organizational growth. We will be a great company to be associated with.

Social Contribution

We believe in giving back to the society liberally and will fund various charities. One of our notable contributions is to the Karan Singh Cancer Foundation. We solicit generous contributions from individuals and organizations towards their cause.

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