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M CHAMICAL PARIS one of the major Europe based distributor of MONAR CHEMICAL UKsupplier of wide range general, industrial and speciality chemicals, We are specialists in cleaning all forms of black BANK NOTE, anti-breeze bank notes . We have special technicians with much experience to reassure you of a professional service at all times. -We do a sample test and make sure you satisfied with the resulting quality before continuing.We also specialize in transferring mercury from real notes to WHITE BILLS, BLACK DOLLAR BILLS, EURO, POUNDS etc. These chemicals are latest developments and money owners can even do the cleaning themselves without any stress. we can also exchenge the black bank note to any currency you wish on a very good rate.NOTE: payment ofter cleaning if you register with us.-We also help our customers by placing there bank note into bank account, -Specifically, we deal with NOTES and BILLS LIKE USD, EURO and POUNDS, TRANSFERRING COLORS FROM USED NOTE TO NEW WHITE BILLS, AND BLACK NOTES.Chemical solution used in cleaning denominations be it black,white or green of any denomination.-We also offer machines to do the huge cleaning, and following purchase we do delivery of products to buyers destinations after consultation depending on the case.something for everyone.Unlike other U.S.bank note all high denomination notes listed still not legal tender status and are redeemable for face value at any bank!to make it legal.Should this be of interest to you,contact us aspenllc(at)blumail.orgcont

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