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Long Life Surgical

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LL Surgical was founded by Mr. Aslam Arif in 1961. It's aim was to supply the Surgical instruments to major hospitals in Pakistan. Following his death, Mr. Irfan Aslam, (son of Mr. Aslam) took control of the business. The company has steadily expanded over the years and made many new developments in its building, management and machinery. With his determination and hard work, the company that used to produce only few instruments, started to manufacture full range of Surgical instruments for all kinds of uses.In 1981, LL Surgical is globally recognized as the leading provider of Surgical, Dental Manicure instruments and Hollow ware products. Since then LL Surgical has been manufacturing and exporting all kinds of surgical instruments throughout the world. It has 25 years history of satisfactory performance unmatched by any other competitor. LL Surgical has helped to improve health and to serve the consumer, pharmaceutical as well as professional markets.ISO 9001-2000, the company realizes that quality and performance are paramount and have a policy of continuous development. LL Surgical corporate tradition is rooted in the principles of personal integrity, respect for the individual and doing what's right for our customers. Our skilled technicians begin with fine grade of stainless steel and handcraft them into instruments of beautiful designs. Our employees work everyday to provide products of superior quality and value to physicians worldwide. Due to this continuous approach to strive for excellence, our production is increasing day-by-day. We have capacity to manufacture in big quantities within very short time.We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients who use our products .We constantly strive to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. We remain committed to the simple idea that our company was founded on to earn the trust of our customers. LL Surgical promises to always provide you with the Best Service

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