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KMConsolidated LLC (Friendly Songs)

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Friendly Songs was started over 15 years ago and has become THE leader in the personalization industry for Music CDs and Musical Gifts.

Friendly Songs was developed because many current personalized CDs have either terrible music, are poorly produced or they are annoying to listen to (at least based on the parents point of view). We decided that the music we wanted to create needed to be both fun for the children, but of a musical standard that was acceptable to the parents by using great vocals, top notch musicians, and state-of-the-art studio equipment and technology.

We also didn't want to dub-in the names in the obvious poor quality manner other companies had been doing for years. Yes, they can create a lot of music albums or a lot of names, fast and cheap, but that doesn't make the music good or pleasant to listen to. And believe me, your customers will know the difference and it will show in the amount of sales you get.

We are the only one in the industry that delivers Custom Names to our dealers in days instead of years. We call it our No Child Left Behind program because no matter how crazy, unique or special a child's name is, we can record it for you in only a few days. Because of this, no child will ever not be able to get his or her name in a musical gift.

We also wanted to be known as a company that was on the side of it's wholesale dealers. We didn't want to create a company that was based on just getting a bunch of money from our dealers on start-up costs by selling over priced computer equipment and then let them flounder. We wanted to make it affordable to get started, affordable to grow, and support you with new and different features that you've been wanting for but couldn't find anywhere else.

As many of our wholesale dealers tell us, what they like about us is the superior quality of our products, the reasonable cost of getting into the business and the feeling of being part of a family. And one of the comforting things you'll find out about us is that we take really good care of our dealers. We are the only Personalized Music company that is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and we are also the only one with an A+ Rating.

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