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Karsons Inc.

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We sell Three kinds of Recyclable or Recycled plastic products, knowing that all our products are free from contaminants and pollutants.LDPE/LLDPE Clear Mix, Sheets in Bails. (Pre-consumer) LDPE/LLDPE Clear Mix sheets, sold in three categories:Grade Premium: 99% Clear, no Labels, 1% Dirt & Dust. Grade A: 98% Clear, 1% Labels, 1% Dirt & Dust. Grade B: 88% Clear, 10% Colored, 1% Labels, 1% Dirt & Dust. LDPE Re-granulated W/Polyamide We also sell recycled plastic LDPE granules as such:Regenerated LDPE GranulesPost Industrial & Post Consumer MixContains 3-7% of PolyamideMelt index: 02Melt Range: .2-.5Density Target : 0,920- Density Range : 0.918-0.922Color: 100% Natural (Or) 100% Colored (Or) 100% Black)Does not include PVCOrigin – United States of AmericaGreen or Recycled Plastic Pallets for Industrial Packing We make pallets for packing in different formats, thicknesses and designs to meet your packing needs. We have enough models to solve your problems. Our pallets are all made from recycled plastic material, and are far more solid and durable than wooden pallets, with a very distinct advantage of not catching diseases as their wooden counterparts do.

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