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The company was established in 1948 in order to develop and launch the advanced technology in the field of radio-electronics into mass production and to apply innovative methods in designing of radio-electronic instrumentation.
Main activities: research, development and manufacturing of special microelectronics units, electronic devices and systems.
The strategic objective of the company is the development of innovative products which provide the safety of industrial and civilian facilities.
Our main product trends are:
1. Monitoring system to measure the deformation behavior of the buildings and structures developed and designed on SAW based passive sensors of deformation.
2. SAW based Radio Frequency Identification( RFID) System on passive tags.
3. System of non-contact pressure control in non-corrosive liquids and gases on the basis of passive resonant SAW sensors.
4. Systems and instruments for environmental monitoring with nano- hemosorbtion sensors.
5.Acoustoelectronic components for radio-electronic navigation systems.rnJSC Avangard - is experience, knowledge, flexibility, stability ( more than 60 years in the market), and reliability.
We provide:
- Full cycle work process, starting from product development, manufacturing (we have our own manufacturing facilities), market sales and the subsequent after-sale service.
- Development and launching of innovative products in the market
- Customized solutions at the request of every customer.
JSC Avangard registers annually more than 20 new invention patens in the Russian Federation.
This year we have finalized the construction of the new plant for the most advanced micro-electronic production. Total area of the new Micro- System Engineering Center ( clean room plant) is 5735 sq.m
Product line:
- Gas sensors for combustible and toxic gases ;
- Acousto-electronic sensors: deformation, pressure, temperature and other devices.
- MEMS: accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.
-Passive SAW based RFID tags;
- Passive RF components: filters, resonator, etc.
We offer the other companies to cooperate with us in the area of micro-system engineering aimed at making the life more safe and comfortable. It might be:
1. Common development of the integrated security systems (for utilities, transport, energy) with the leading Asian and European companies and introduction of the products to the markets of Russian Federation and the EU and Asian countries.
2. Participation in the joint programs on development of technical means aimed at ecological monitoring and control.
3. Establishing of the joint venture in order to develop and manufacture, promote and sell the microelectronic devices and systems which ensure secure and comfortable life for districts, cities and villages.
4. Certainly, we would be happy to sell our products to any Customer who wiil be interested in our site.

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