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Jiangyin Xinda Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd/Zhongya Polymer Materials Co. Ltd

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China Xinda, established in 1988, is a famous group for its outstanding products both in domestic areas and worldwide. It owns three companies, which are in relation to each other. The main products are reciprocating kneading and extruding system, clam-shell barrel co-rotating twin screw extruders, color masterbatches and various polyester-staple fibers. For all the products, Xinda practices 3-guarantee policy and continual service in their lifetime. As a consequence, Xinda has won trust from our customers worldwide and has been awarded as AAA Grade and High-Technological Company by Chinese government.

Xinda Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. Can supply a vast array of single or twin screw extruders. Especially our SJW Reciprocating Single Screw Kneading and Extruding System, it is designed elaborately by adopting advanced technology and combining research outcomes and experience of eight-year hard work. Due to its particular screw movement, it is more effective than any other traditional extruder. Our products are suitable for various extruding applications. It is widely used for filling, blending(plasticalloy), all kinds of masterbatches, thermoset plastics, powder coating, filling and wire&cable compounds, etc. The product range covers:
SJW Reciprocating Single Screw Kneading and Extruding System(CascadeType)
SJW Reciprocating Single Screw Kneading and Extruding System(MeltPump Type)
SJW Reciprocating Single Screw Kneading and Extruding System(Theprocess of thermoset concatenation plastics compounding)
Clam-shell Barrel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
PET/PA/PP/PE Waste Reprocessing Machinery
For more details on our machines, please contact us or visit our website.


Zhongya Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. Has been used as a base for product testing(ReciprocatingSingle Screw Extruders) in the past few years. Now, it produces over 12,000 tons masterbatches per year by using our own machines. The range covers: White, carbon black, color masterbatches and other additive ones, such as flame retardant, antibacterial, anti-firing, etc. They have following features:
Symmetrical scattering
Excellent stability
Easy coloring up

Telilun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Is a Sino-Indonesia joint-stock company withannual capacity over 40,000 tons of various polyester-staple fibers. Majority of our fibers are exported abroad, such as the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, France, Australia and Indonesia, etc. Its products include:
White/Carbon black polyester staple fiber
Color polyester staple fiber
Hollow conjugate fiber
Various special fibers: Flame retardant fiber, anti-static fiber, anti-firing fiber, antibacterial fiber and trilobal fiber, etc.
Fiber size:1.4D/25D Cut length:38mm/120mm
In addition, we also produce varieties of color fiber, yarns and fabrics for wide applications like spinning, carpet, bedding, non-weaving, padding and automobile inner decoration.

We fully welcome you to visit our company and get to know how well our machines are used in our own factories. Alternatively, do not hesitate to give us a call whenever you wish. If you give us 1% of trust, we will return you 99% of benefit. We hope that we can cooperate in long term and keep mutual beneficial business relationship in the near future.

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