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UPS Philippines | IONTEK
Ionist & Enertek Power Solutions Company ( IONTEK ) a SEC-registered Domestic Corporation is engaged in the manufacture / trading of Electronics / Electrical Devices such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) Phase Converter Solar Power Industrial Transformers ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors) and Industrial Battery Charger/Rectifier. A pioneer in the development of electronic-type BUCK-BOOST technology in AVR manufacturing, its business office and assembling plant station are both situated in Metro Manila particularly in MARIKINA CITY strategically to have fast-access to its major clients.

Our main PURPOSE
To serve our customer by providing the best quality of design and workmanship using state of the art technology reliable parts and products and applying the latest technical innovations on our local products.
As a local technical enterprise, we are establishing our name in the field of power technology by continuously improving our products in line with the latest technology that will somewhat compete with the other local or imported power products. Through this concept it is our belief that we are contributing to the progress of the industry and to the Philippine economy as well. Our engineers and technical staff came from top local manufacturer of AVR Chargers-Rectifiers and other power products.

Ionist & Enertek Power Solutions Company Corporate Philosophy recognizes Customer Satisfaction is job no. 1 its initiative and resources are committed to the realization of this ultimate goal. It considers its people the most valuable asset in the organization to whom attainment of customer satisfaction can be attributed.

The robust growth of the information technology enables us to communicate through computers and cellular phones we have entered the information technology era but as we go high tech the more we need efficient and reliable power system which is a one of the main problem of information industry. Their systems are being affected by the erratic power system coming from the commercial power suppliers.

IONIST & ENERTEK POWER SOLUTIONS Co. sees this as a big problem that should be solved. By using advanced technology we designed IONTEK AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR Industrial Chargers-Rectifiers and distribute good quality UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM to meet critical needs of sophisticated office building and manufacturing companies.
On the first quarter of 2007 IONIST & ENERTEK POWER SOLUTIONS Company was established catering to such clientele who have purchased locally and imported made AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR and UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM. We are introducing in the market the new blend of AVR technology in the country claiming it as the best available in its class. Since we are still in the process of industrialization we are focusing our market on banking telecommunication and manufacturing section of commerce.
Boosts of young blood in the organization IONIST & ENERTEK is very much involved in Total Quality Management (TQM) that ensures system is in place in all aspects of operation. Extreme value for quality is evident in its Quality Policy -Commitment to Defect Prevention rather than Detection -which aspires for perfection and doing things right the first time. Its business operating system mandates full commitment for continual improvement on all of its undertakings. Clients complaints are treated of highest priority at rapid-response time. Issues and concerns are addressed thru Consultative rather than Confrontational Approach.
We are driven by unwavering commitment to the achievement of highest Quality, most Competitive COST and ON-TIME DELIVERIES. Manned by highly experienced and dedicated professionals IONIST & ENERTEK is committed to pursue its never-ending quest for product and service excellence.

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