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Industrial Group Mida (Microelectronic Sensors )

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IG "MIDA" develops and manufactures microelectronic pressure transmitters and transducers based on profound original investigations carried out in Russia.
We produce about 30 types of industrial and special pressure transmitters and over 10 types of pressure transducers for measurement of gage, absolute, differential pressure and vacuum.
Pressure ranges from 4kPa to 250 MPa;
Accuracy from 0.01 to 0. 5% ,
Operating temperature range: -40. . . + 500 deg. C.
Ordinary, intrinsic-safe and explosion-proof types.
Certified for use in atomic power stations.
Also power supplies (including intrinsic-safe barriers for hazardous area), digital indicators, surge voltage protection devices, intrinsic-safe barriers.
IG "MIDA" steadily improves the accuracy, stability and reliability of sensors and related devices.
Please, visit our web site and contact us to learn more details.

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