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Indra Technologies

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Indra Technologies offer an altogether different approach in the field of energy conservation & disaster management, Light Emitting paints. These paint posses a very unique property, they glow in dark. The emitted light is quiet bright & illuminates for as much as 8 hours. Indra Technologies offer light emitting paint in form of color transparencies. It is very convenient to apply. The user has just to stick the transparency to the surface. Spray the chemical on the transparencies. After few minutes the release paper gets peeled off. The paint is now transferred to the surface. It can be applied to any smooth surface like concrete, pop, masonry wall, metal, wood, etc.These paints are increasingly find their applications in various fields like construction, interior decoration, housing & commercial complex, roads, path marking, lane marking, Signage, bridges, stadium & auditoriums, hoardings, military, etc. It’s a very efficient tool in disaster management. Applied intelligently this paint offer quiet a large saving on lighting & illumination. Hoardings made from light emitting paints reduce requirement of illumination by halogen lamp. The fencings & compound walls offer higher visibility in dark. It’s a powerless emergency lamp in organizations like chemical plants, shopping malls, warehouse, hotels & hospitals. Trucks, Coaches & containers painted with light emitting paints reduce quiet a lot dependency on tail lamps & side lamps. Light emitting paints are manufactured from rare earth minerals.

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