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Hurras Solar Energy Technology Co.Ltd

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Zhejiang HURRAS Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is the application solar energy scientific and technical payoffs transformation, the industrial production high technology and new technology industry, is the solar energy science and technology civil crystallization, is faces professions and so on guesthouse, school, factory, dedicated solar energy collection heat engineering comprehensive solution specialized company. Zhejiang HURRAS takes one based on the knowledge and the innovation company, �the leading collection hot technology, the creation bathes the environment�to take throughout the management idea, ISO9001 quality system's movement penetration company's each link, not only hoped for that utilizes our leading solar energy collection hot technology, provides collection hot consultant for the customer to consult, becomes the customer to bathe the living conditions improvement inventor: Moreover strives for through ours endeavor, is difficult for the customer solution collection hot technology, plans the solution comprehensively for the customer.At present, the company produces HURRAS solar-powered water heater, is one kind uses the solar ray radiation the water heating highly effective energy conservation new product, is listed as one of national torch plan key promotion products?The leading collection hot technology, the exquisite technique of production, the original selection plan, get excited the solar energy thermal transition display.Its energy conservation, does not have the pollution, not to have the noise safely, reliable, an investment, profits for a long time, the easy to operate, is beneficial to the country, beneficial to the people.�he creation bathes the environment�the idea connotation is the unceasing technical promotion process.Without in the technical innovation, does not have our success, our value lies in creates a more highly effective green to bathe unceasingly the environment, this is our enterprise invariable faith.

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