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Hunan Agricultural University Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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Hunan Agricultural University Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 and is a high-tech company established by Hunan Agricultural University and Beijing Vicagroup. Beijing Vicagroup has engaged in feed nutrition research for 20 years, being a top-10 firm in China. Our R&D team is mainly made up of experienced professors and experts specialized in animal disease control and prevention and swine nutrition regulation who come from Hunan Agricultural University, Beijing Group and other scientific research institution. The company has 500 staff, including 300 sales. It is the most essential for us to make a solution for sow nutrition and reproductive system issues. The source of pig farm is the sow, which determines the productivity of the pig farm. Our company has established long term and stable cooperation relationships with more than 1000 large-and-medium scale pig farms, such as Guangdong Wens Food Group, Shuanghui Group, Hunan Meishen Breeding Co., Ltd (Meishen Stock Swine Farm of TRS Group), Hunan Zhenghong Breeding Pig Farm and etc. We not only pay attention to the product research, but also provide a service platform to help the end farmers to improve their management and specialized skills. Our goal is to be the service provider for large scale swine farm, so we devote ourselves to supplying the best service for our clients.

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