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HuiRui Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Hui Rui Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, specializes in military, aerospace classes, Internet of Things should be field antenna product development, production, marketing high-tech enterprises. Company consists of Hui Rui communications antenna sales center responsible for the company's R & D results into the business of technology transfer, product production and sales.The company's areas of expertise covers the signal processing, radio frequency, RF power amplifier, antenna, wired / wireless communication, structure, process and specialty communications technology, equipment development and production of main products cover the microstrip antenna, wideband antenna, RFID antenna, array antenna high-performance products. CAD center, simulation lab, antennas and electromagnetic compatibility testing, quality inspection and testing centers, precision machinery manufacturing, electronics assembly manufacturing center, product development, production, testing, provide the conditions for security.The company has a professional team from Tsinghua University, University of Technology, Beihang University post-doctoral, PhD. Since its establishment, a total of more than 10 various types of scientific research achievement awards to provide users with a lot of advanced technology, excellent quality system.Hui Rui communication, your trusted antenna engineers.

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