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Hubei DaTong Biological Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

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Hubei Datong Bio-Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is the Dabie Mountains in Hubei new bio-chemical manufacturers, the company co-operation with a number of local leading enterprises to jointly develop the market non-mainstream biochemical products, seminars mainstream product development direction, improved technology to improve the quality of the mainstream products to meet market demand, the company developed products are chiral intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates predominantly electronic chemical intermediates, biochemical and chemical products for the advantage, the company is also committed to the development of the market demand, industrial production of pharmaceutical raw materials, hormones drugs. In addition, the company is located in the Macheng Gold Bridge chemical production base, professional production of chemical additives, covering surfactant, leather chemicals, organic and inorganic chemical. The company's headquarters is located in located in nine provinces of Hubei, Wuhan, central cities rise HOPE, production base and experimental center is located in the the beautiful rhododendron Flower City Macheng 106 National Road in front after the Beijing-Kowloon railway next to the line, and convenient transportation, convenient transport of goods.
???My company has two production bases in an experimental center and a business headquarters and production base of 50 tonnes of base materials production line, mass-produced varieties are: 3 - aminocrotonate, indole-3 - ethanol, dimeric potassium phenylbutazone, tinidazole, fluconazole, isoniazid, and 2-ton high purity fine chemical processing equipment: isocyanate ester, anhydride, testosterone, the male enolase, hormones and electronic intermediate products. The large chemical processing products are silicones, silazane, sulfonated oils, emulsifiers, surface-treating agent such as material. The company covers an area of ??1,000 acres, the total assets of over 10 million, the company has perfect quality assurance system and improve the quality control system; standard GMP production workshop and raw materials warehouse, with multiple sets of high pressure liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and UV spectrophotometer, effective analysis and monitoring of product quality. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Has the right to import and export, production year-round stable large number of export all over the world, the company has a number of outstanding young scientists team, 5 senior engineers and technical backbone 8, 6 Professional operating technicians, marketing staff of 10, with a set of rigorous scientific management system, a dedication of the workforce, Datong biological adhering to the business philosophy: "one heart and one mind" "harmonious service" win the future ".

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