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POSEIDON static electricity meters have been developed thinking about the needs and problems of the modern and globalized utility.In a very time smaller World, linked by the information technology, the needs and problems of utilities have become global and more difficult to deal with. It is in this sence that HENNK Instruments Co., represented by the CHINA ANSI UTILITY SOLUTIONS GROUP, has developed the POSEIDON meter, with advanced features thought for the anti-tampering fight, towards the reduction of the bi losses for utilities around the world due to tamperin spread.The POSEIDON meters have brought togheter the advantages of the latest trends on residential metering regarding static technology, reducing the size of the meter and improving its accuracy, as well as the mechanical register for an indelible and clearer reading.Besides the above conveniences, the POSEIDON meter has been developed with unique anti-tampering features to avoid the by-hand manipulation, electromagnetic fields influence, access to inside the meter, and to make easy to view and proof any attempt of tampering on the connection or cover of the meter.The Polycarbonate (PC) is the type of plastic used for the external structure, and Lexan for the transparent cover of the meter. These high engineering materials allow the meter to be installed outdoors without problems in any enviroment.All these characteristics make POSEIDON meter a must-try for every Utility around the world.Hennk Metering is a company with offices and factories located in the Port city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in the center of the east coast of China. Its Parent Company, CHINA ANSI UTILITY SOLUTIONS, LTD, with headquarters in Hong Kong, was established with the purpose of attending the small markets around the world which needs are being fulfilled by nobody, but suppliers usually give to them what they have to offer instead of giving to them what they actually need. HENNK Instruments Co, Ltd, is the first factory of electricity meters proposing to these small clients to fulfil their needs by tailoring the meters to be supplied to the needs expressed by the client.

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