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Hejian DeYong Drilling Accessories Factory

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Hejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory is a state owned public company with the majority shares held by SINOPEC. The company was initially set up in 1973, and now has become a leading oil and gas drill bit manufacture in china .Market oriented, the Factory pushes forward the technical innovation and product improvement and has formed the world advanced technical system with its own intellectual properties. our factory has had technical cooperation with over 30 universities and research institutes both at how and abroad , and the researches done by the company regarding rock bit cutting element material , rock bit bearing structure and material , as well as rocker bit hydraulic technologies are at the leading position in china , Performance of the new production drill bit and non-standard series bit , ect.develop by Hejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory are at the leading level in the world , which represent the development the development trend of new type of drilling bits.Roller cone bit and diamond bit production lines of Deyong are equipped with move than 300 sets of internationally advanced machineries , such as five-axis machining centers, FMS production line , ect.Roller cone bits from 3 3/4 to 26 inch, both steel body and matrix body PDC bits in the size range of 3 7/8 to 17 1/2 inch can be supplied to customers both at home and abroad ., Hejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory also possesses many advanced and sophisticated inspection and test facilities including plasma spectrometer, TCI image processor, new type of rock drilling tester , 600kN drilling simulate, etc.and so, quality stability of the companyâ??s products is greatly improved.The company has been certified to API / ISO9000 quality Management System and international HSE Management System successively for many years.The company is positively acknowledged by customers both at home and abroad because of the companyâ??s technical strength, good reputation, strict quality control and excellent customer service. Domestic market share of the company has been kept above 60% for many years, and Fuliang bits has also been sold to more than 30 countries and regions including USA and Russia.Looking forward to the future , Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory shall strive to produce better bit products by taking continuous quality improvement as our main task , making our products suitable for the development of drilling process and satisfying customersâ?? demands as our research direction , so as to provide our customer both at home and abroad with excellent products and service and make Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory products finer an perfect.1 ã??product structure and function test & evaluationHejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory owns advanced rock bit structure and function test lab and computational lab and such test & evaluations as bitâ??s cutting structure , bearing , seal and hydraulic system, ect.can all be done within the company. The computational lab utilizes advanced non-liner FEA software and fluid dynamic software to simulate real drilling condition to evaluate and optimize bit structures. Specialized bit simulation software and full scale drilling simulator are used to are used to evaluate the bitâ??s overall performance.2ã??product research and developmentHejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Bit has realized the benign cycle from basic technology research, new technology application & product development and manufacture research to product application service and improvement, so as to turn technical reserve as the backup for product development and marker service. advanced PLM(Product Life Management)system, which is built on the basis of 3-dimensional CAD and PDM (Product Data Management), can technically controls the whole life of products, so that the product development can be done in a fast and precise manner to maximally meet the time & function requirements of the market.3ã??material research and evaluationIn order to meet the development requirement of product structures and functions Hejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory has set up an excellent team for material research, and the team is responsible for development and application researches on rock bitâ??s structure material, function material and process material , ect.4ã??product process researchBased on requirements of product technology advancement and market development , Hejian Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory insists on independent research and development of manufacture process technologies with its own characteristics and has formed integrated and very flexible fast reaction manufacturing process technologies of advanced level of the world.5ã??dull bit analysis and evaluationBit analysis engineers perform failure analysis on dull bitâ??s cutting structure, bearing and seal, ect., conduct customers to use bit properly and also provide design engineers with advices on how to improve the bitâ??s performance and suggested research direction.äø?ã??Customer seivice1ã??technical exchange our factory holds a rock bit New technology Forum once every two years to study the application of new technologies regarding rock bit and how to improve drilling efficiency together with our customers . All though the year, Hejian regularly provides drilling customers with technical exchange activities to help customers with proper bit selection and application so as to increase their overall drilling efficiency.2ã??Bit selection software & Bit Performance databaseIn order to provide customers with excellent technical service, Deyong Drilling accessories Manufacturing Factory has developed Bit Selection software based on logging data analysis and also set up a complete Bit Performance Database to help customers make most appropriate bit selection.3ã??Formation Tester Formation litho logy tester is specialized tester for providing technical service ate drilling site .Real time testionÃÂ¥?àçç?é?ûÃ¥äôç??çóûÃÂ¥??Our factoryâ??s Motor Digger bit series (High speed MD bit) is specially designed for directional , horizontal and horizontal multilateral well drilling application .Mini Motor Digger bit(MiniMD slim hole bit) series is especially for improving the drilling time and safety of the bit when drilling lower and small diameter section of the deep and ultra-deep wells .SuperMotorDigger bit (SMD ultra-speed motor bit) series is specially developed for using with high speed down hole drilling tools such as turbo or screw drill.HardFighter bit(HF hard formation drilling bit)series is introduced to the market for meet the requirement of drilling deeper formations .In order to achieve longer life and higher ROP of the steel tooth bit for drilling upper formations , Swifturn bit (SWT high efficiency steel tooth bit) is developed. Air bit (A series bit for air drilling applications) series is designed for air drilling applications.Optional FeaturesC: center nozzleCenter jet can avoid bit balling , eliminate resorting area of fluid at bottom hole, expedite upward flow of cuttings and improve ROP .It is suitable for drilling in soft to medium soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability.D Gage protection by diamond enhanced cutters on head O.D.The gage protection is significantly reinforced by adding diamond enhanced gage compacts on head OD. Bit with this feature is suitable for drilling in directional and horizontal well with high abrasive formation.E Extended double nozzleThe hydraulic system of extended double nozzle can expedite upward flow of cuttings , reduce regrinding of the formation and eliminate resorting area of fluid at bottom hole to achieve effective drilling .G Head OD enhancementSpecial insert are strategically arranged on head OD to reduce effectively wear of the head and improve bitâ??s gage protection in abrasive formation or directional and horizontal wells . improved gage protection can extend service life of the bit.H gage protection by diamond enhanced cutters on coneDiamond compacts arranged in heel row or gage row for the cone can enhance gage protection and increase its working life .It is suitable for drilling in high abrasive formation, hard or extreme hard formation.J directional jetDirectional jet feature (J)enlarges lateral flow area at bottom hole and is helpful to bottom hole cleaning and increase of ROP .Bit with this feature is suitable for soft to medium soft formations of low compressive strength and high drillablity.K Cutting structure for hard plastic formationUnique designing parameters and lengthening insert crest enlarge rock â?? breaking volume at the bottom hole increase bottom hole coverage and increase ROP of the bit in hard plastic formation.

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