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Hangzhou Yinfa Commodity Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd

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Hangzhou Yinfa Commodity Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd. is a vice-chairman member of Hangzhou Electroplating Association . Originally belonging to Xiaoshan Commodities Bureau,after the restructuring ownership in January 2000 , Yinfa became one of shareholders of Zhejiang Xiaoshan Rural Cooperative Bank in 2004.At present, our company is the Provincial general agent of two Subordinate Enterprises of PetroChina and Sinopec , and also is The Provincial general agent and distributor of 16 domestic large and medium enterprises. Since restructuring the ownership,the company Sales turnover has been increasing year by year and continuously won top 500 taxpayers title in Xiaoshan published in the newspaper?thanks to the care and support of the vast number of old and new friends.Our company products mainly including electroplating chemicals : pretreatment series, galvanizing series, copper plating series, nickel plating series, chrome plating series, water treatment series ; non-ferrous metals, pigments, dyes , rubber and additives,international trade. Especially Below products have greater prices advantages: zinc ingot , phosphorized copper plate ,copper ball, scraps, chromic anhydride , copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, sodium dichromate, potassium dichromate, barium carbonate, zinc carbonate, zinc oxide, iron oxide red, potassium chloride, boric acid, caustic soda, trisodium phosphate, potassium pyrophosphate, copper pyrophosphate, sodium metabisulfite, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, white carbon black, carbon black, stearic acid, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, cis-polybutadiene, nitrile rubber, isoprene rubber, high styrene rubber and so on.

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