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Han-Seong H.F Co., Ltd

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Founded in 1998 with the spirit of excellency in small business and the spirit of challenge, Hansung High Frequency Co., Ltd. consists of superb specialists of technology, equipped with the over fifteen year experience of technological development in automatic applicationfacilities making use of high frequency induction heating.For the present, the application facilities of high frequency induction heating are being widely used throughout the world as well as in Korea. However, although many of Korean manufacturers of high frequency facilities are keeping up with the worldwide development of the facilities effectively, it should be admitted that Korean industry is still dependent on the imported products of advanced countries for limited number of high functional facilities.Fully realizing the responsibility as a leading manufacture of high frequency facilities, and with a view of keeping up with the development of high frequency industry, the technology team at Hansung have done their best to do research and to make development as well as for the localization of the facilities of high-functional high frequency induction heating. We here at Hansung are all proud of the achievements our technology team has made, and high evaluation of the quality and functions of our products from the customers. The following is a brief description of the technological development our team has achieved.1989 Development of central surveillance panel meeting promptly with various error on the equipments 1991 Development of high frequency equipment of Coil Varnish Coating M/C,a motor for electromotion tools 1994 Development of 240 Kw high frequency equipment for Spiral Fin Tube WeldingMachine 1996 Development of Automatic Rotor Epoxy Powder Coating M/C of a car 1997 Development of a hardening equipment, Automatic Rotor Varnish Coating & Putty (pan cake type) 1998 Development of Friction Welder for high frequency heating facilities

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