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Haitnim Co.,Ltd

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Haitnim Moxa Boseongsa is a company specializing in moxa cautery, holds at least 30 patent rights, and puts the whole mind to produce good products for contributing to customers' health. Hatnim Moxa had first invented smokeless moxa cautery in the moxibustion history, and started business in 1992 based on Korean and Japanese patent rights. Moreover, Hatnim Moxa is a company making efforts to contribute to health of mankind by studying, inventing and developing the most effective moxa cautery in day and night without imitation of other companies'products in order to create not products but therapeutic effects. Hatnim Moxa produces all products with our almost sincerity using the highest quality raw materials which are the foundation of the products. Ganghwa Sajabal wormwood, which is the main material of Hatnim Moxa Cautery, is the principal product of Ganghwa district, which is greatly produced in Mani Mountain in Ganghwa Island. In Mani Mountain, there is the altar of Dangun, 'which has been used from old times holily, and, in which spirit and energy of the Korean race are incorporated'as recorded in Dongkukyeojiseungram. Ganghwa Sajabal wormwood has unique incense and strong bitter taste, which are not included in other wormwood, and is used for food and moxibustion.Moreover, Ganghwa Sajabal wormwood is supplied after taking steps of improving and spreading as superior breed by Ganghwa-gun agricultural technology laboratory, cultivating by member of wormwood research club without using chemical fertilizers and agricultural medicines, and winning quality assurance by Quality Assurance Committee of Ganghwa-gun (Gun Regulation No. 1633). Haitnim Moxa has invented and developed thermal cautery for burning wormwood in order to use the expensive Ganghwa wormwood the most effective, and produced the thermal cautery of good quality under permission and supervision of Korea Food & Drug Administration.

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