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The Problem
Farmers facing Problem of Low Productivity, Higher cost of cultivation, Increase in Chemical fertilizers & Pesticides prices, Poor Quality food, Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides residue in food produce. On the other hand Every Sixth Person is Hungry in The World, About 30 Million Children Goes Bed Hungry Everyday; Poor-Middle Class families are not getting enough food, while upper class is not getting Quality food even after spending much. Our Eco-System and Natural bio Diversity is badly affected by Chemical Adulteration, our Soil and Water bodies are highly contaminated with hazardous chemicals and Agriculture became main Point of source for Pollution- Contamination.
The Solution
Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd is Committed to Sustainable Organic Agriculture, and passionately working since years to Realize the Dream, 100 % Adoption of Sustainable Organic Agriculture Worldwide.
Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd has Innovated Plantonics Liquid and Granules to overcome the challenges. Plantonics Liquid and Granules has changed whole scenario of Agriculture. Plantonics Farmers are Empowered with better Quality and increased Yield at lower cost. Improvement in soil Fertility, Eco-system and Natural Bio Diversity is invaluable benefits. Farmers feel security and happiness with Plantonics; On the other hand consumers are getting Healthy, Testy & Nutritious food at reasonable price. Care for Healthy Community realizes sense of Purpose.
Plantonics is willing to be a Supporter in every Aspect of Sustainable Organic Agriculture;
Plantonics seeks your co-operation to spread this vision worldwide.
We motivate you to join the Great movement and work towards 100% adoption of Sustainable Organic Agriculture Worldwide.

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