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GreenBios Solutions

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GreenBios Fuel Saver Oil offers an effective fuel economy (save up to 35%) solution to help industries meet environmental regulations and relieve skyrocketing fuel prices.GreenBios Fuel Saver Oil is a bio fuel additive of the latest and most innovative technological development with multifunctional fuel additives role such as: 1) Antioxidant/Stabilizer - Prolong life of fuel & prevent water vapor contamination.2) Detergent Agent - Clean both gasoline & diesel engines with reduced pollution emissions. 3) Catalyst Additive - Prolongs engine life & increase fuel economy.4) Combustion Catalyst - Reduce engine temperature.When GreenBios Fuel Saver Oil added into the fuel is capable of breaking the chains of hydrogen & fuel molecules into properly arranged atoms through the process of "ionization". It exposes the fuel atom to more oxygen and creates a balanced burning and is able to increase the level of petrol burning of up to 98% (means more of the fuel is being burned) thus giving the engine engine cleaner, reduces fuel consumption, generates more power and reduces harmful emissions. GreenBios Fuel Saver Oil is derived 100% natural & organic from palm oil & vegetable esters, therefore it is safe & non-hazardous (non-synthetic, non-flammable, non-corrosive material) to handle. And it is suitable to mixed with most of combustible fuel oil such as Gasoline/Petrol (RON91, 92, 95, 97, 98, 99, 102), Diesel / Bio Diesel / ULSD (add lubricity) & Bunker Fuel Oil (CST180, CST380, CST500) machineries & engines.Benefits of using GreenBios Fuel Saver Oil: 1) Environmentally safe through reduced fuel emissions 2) Sustains fuel savings 3) Cleans combustion chamber deposits 4) Restores lost engine performance 5) Reduces maintenance costs 6) Increases fuel efficiency in all climates and seasons

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