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Grand Shun Emperor Biological Technology Co,.Ltd.

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Firstly, the traditional tea contains Theophylline Sodium, which can not drink without breakfast. If you drink the tea without breakfast, it will hut your stomach; if you drink in evening, it will lead to insomnia easily thus affects your rest and do harm to your healthy. But our tea does not contain Theophylline Sodium. Secondly, the traditional tea do not contain polysaccharide(sweet glycosides) element ,but “thorn tea” contains polysaccharide components, the element are documented in a comprehensive pharmacopoeia blood glucose, low calorific value, can prevent obesity and the produce of diabetes, also promote metabolism.Thirdly, the traditional tea does not contain mineral elements--“Se” and Ve, but thorn tea contains this mineral element .it is said the element—“Se” and Ve are perfect partner in the application of traditional Chinese medicine, it can anti—oxidation, also can remove harmful substances and toxins of the body, reduce oxidative damage cells, promote human intellectual development, improve the body’s immune capability, thus achieve of keeping young, anti-aging ad making life extension.Fourthly, the traditional tea does not contain “Zn” elements, but thorn tea contains “Zn” elements. Zn can promote digestion and the human intellectual development, while reducing men sexual dysfunction.Fifthly, the main effective element of the traditional tea is TP, its main function is reducing blood glucose, blood press and blood fat, and the TP in thorn tea is several times more than the traditional tea, what more it contains any other element which does not contain in the traditional tea.

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