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Golden Bridge Enterprises Inc., Branch

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Our Company, Golden Bridge Ent., Inc., Ajman, UAE, was established in 1997. Our main business is the export of chemicals and raw materials from Turkmenistan, Russia & other CIS countries. Today we have a strong experience in exporting of Crude Iodine and Carbon Black. Our successful business activity during last seven years stimulated large extension of our business field. Now we are exclusive exporter of Polypropylene, Crude Iodine, Carbon Black and Mineral Salts from Turkmenistan and glad to offer to your attention many different chemicals products such as:- Polyprorylene granular- Sodium Sulphate technical grade "A" (Anhydrous)- Sodium Sulphate technical grade "B" (Anhydrous)- Magnesium sulphate technical (Epsomite)- Magnesium chloride (Bishophite)- Sodium Sulphate medical (Glauber salt)- Sodium chloride for industrial use (Grain salt)- Crude Iodine with purity 99.5% min- Crude Iodine with purity 99.0% min- Carbon Black grade "K-354"- ?elestite concentrate (sulphate strontium) Sr[SO4]- Potassium iodate- Sulphur

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