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Godwin Group Limited

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This is the introduce our Company and The Products we can offer to you and your Organization: Our COMPANY GODWIN GROUP LIMITED are sourcing RAW BOTANICAL PRODUCTS and NATURAL PLANTS/SEEDS/HERBS from West African region and other African Countries for Export. Our price quotes are negotiable depending on Terms of Trade, Terms of Payment, Quantity Order and Delivery schedules. We can send samples of our products, however, it is our Company Policy, buyers pay for courier and postage of free samples on request. We supply Smaller quantities and Bulk orders to all Destinations, otherwise prohibited.Below is our product, They are season while some are in stock.Raphia hookerKhaya anthothecaKhaya ivorensisKlainedoxa gabonensis Khaya SenegalesisCola boxianaCola digitataCola gigantea Below is listed productions that we supply or direct you to the Suppler or agent.1. CONDIMENTS, SPICES OR FLOVOURING AGENTS Xylopia aethiopica FruitsMandora myristica SeedsAframomum melegueta SeedsPiper guineese Fruits 2. MEDICINAL PLANTS/SEEDS/HERBS Erythropheleum suaveolens LeavesGriffonia simplicifolia SeedsHolarrhena floribundaMoringa oleifera SeedsPhysostigma venenosum SeedsPlumbago zeylanica Whole PlantPremna hispida LeavesZanthoxylum xanthoxyloides Bark/RootsRhizopora racemosa Bark 3. INSECTICIDESClausena anisata Bruised LeavesPiper guineense Pulverised SeedsDatura stramonum Pulverised Seeds4. PLANT SWEETNERSDioscosireophyllum cumminsii MonellinThaumatococcus daniellii ThaumautinSynsepalum dulcificum Miraculin5. OTHER VITAL OILSLicania elaeosperma (substitute for lin seed oil)Afzelkia africanaAllanblackia parviflora (or floribunda)Azadirachta indicaCaloncoba enchinataCaloncoba glance 6. GUM, RESINS & WAXESCanarium schweinfurthii Gum CopalDaniellia oliveri Gum CopalDaniellia ogea Gum CopalCissampelos owariensisQuassia amaraDesmodium adscendensAdianthum spp.Momordica charantia

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