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GFX Solution Sdn Bhd

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It is about making the world a safer place. At home and at work, throughout business and industry, we offer a solution you can depend on, day in and day out. And you will find everything you need, with us.We are the authorized agent and distributor of the ultimate aerosol fire suppression system - AEROHUB. Environment, Human and Equipment friendly, our product set the benchmark for fire safety detection, prevention and protection that can help you provide peace of mind.We are devoted to protecting people, property and processes from everyday hazards and danger. People trust us to do that, and that trust is reinforced by the quality we instill in everything we do.

GFX Solution Sdn Bhd is a privately owned company by locals (Malaysians) with 7 years of experience in sales, marketing and engineering that supplies and distributes a Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System called AEROHUB that will revolutionize the fire and safety industry in Malaysia and around the world. We are made up of committed and dedicated individuals. We are fully committed to provide innovation, information and intelligence in perfect integration of fire suppression system and technologies with minimum cost element. We deploy solutions based on our clients needs, not ours.

Our mission is to deliver unprecedented and simple fire solutions that is human safe, environment safe, and equipment safe without compromising quality and price. We want to educate people about fire safety, fire hazard, and ways of preventing fire occurrence. We want to introduce the exertion of fire safety into current building developments and into household by working together with developers to incorporate the fire suppression system into new housing development.

Our vision to preserve lives. We want to reduce property loss. We want to prevent harm with new ways into re safety that is more reliable, realis-tic and cost eective for a better future.

Our main objective is to ensure that our valued customers have access to the most effective, top quality safety products available anywhere in the world.

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