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Gaxon Technologies Co., Ltd (Shenzhen)

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Gaxon Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 in Shenzhen City of, China. We are a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development, system integration and service in computer telephony voice processing, data communication and Internet technology.

We aim at providing customers with high-performance and high-reliability series of telephone recording products and solutions of telephone recording system, meeting the needs an wants of overseas customers as possible as we can.

Our target customers are CTI system integrators, voice switching equipment suppliers and related industries contractors.

Since our foundation, our company has absorbed the latest communication and voice processing technology, encouraged to technology innovation, and introduced 1/2/4/8-channel USB series of recording box, 4/8/16-channel PCI series of recording card, high-impedance digital extension recording cards (PCI), digit trunk recording card (E1 card) and standalone recorder.

Our telephone voice cards are widely used in communication, telecommunication, finance, industrial production, public service and other fields. Our various advanced CTI application systems have developed from a small scale to a large scale, including security telephone commission services, auto-voice communication services, multi-channel digital telephone recording services, 112/114/185 post and communication services, 148 legal consultation services, 121 weather forecasting services, intelligent call center services and more.

With the advent of the Internet economy, we will further enhance our strength, by relying on reliable products, good after-sales services, industry-leading technology and scientific management. We will also participate in the competition of value-added operation systems, including voice, fax and data.

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