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G. Sun International(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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G.SUN International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and FREEZE Environmental Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is one of the supporters and executors for New Sun Town ecological energy efficiency and low carbon smart cities platform. With G.SUN natural refrigerant as core product, energy saving and the environmental protection technology oriented, G.SUN fully participate the global competition to establish the provincial mode for NEW SUN TOWN China strategy to realize low carbon smart cities, industrial chains and integrated solutions and services. Import the advanced international energy saving technology. Based on the integration of the four regions (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Sichuan),G.SUN serve the whole group for engineering design, construction, management, and after-sales, etc. Relying on Group's headquarters strategy in Beijing, G.SUN team shall become a leader in domestic refrigerant engineering services and international trade within 2-3 years. GSun is established in August 2009 in partnership for PV, LED and Electronic Products with New Sun Town, then promoted by New Sun Town with partnership for investment of EURO 400 Million between New Sun Town, Sinopec, Zhonghuan Lvyuan, and Cybernaut, to Manufacture and Distribute Refrigerant in 2012.

With the support and concern from the State and local Government, the cooperation from the industry and society, New Sun Town and FREEZE will implement the strategic objectives of 2357+30+15 starting from 2013 in China. Replace the blue sky killer Freon with our Natural Refrigerant ER445 (energy-saving, environmental protection, non-destructive, safe and convenient) to every province within two years, three years to the city, five years to the county, seven years to the town from 30 provinces, 15 different industries for Chinese market grounded on our low carbon smart cities, industrial chain. All refrigeration equipment for every car, every household and every building will be infill with GSUN natural refrigerant after the implementation of Thousands of stores in hundreds of cities marketing mode. The ecological energy efficiency industries platform with nationwide and global radiation and our own intellectual property rights shall be gradually established within seven years. In the major region and industry through the implementation of EMC (Energy Management Contract) for Freon Substitute and Energy Saving as well as the construction and operation of the ecological energy efficiency low carbon smart cities, New Suntown will realize many subsidiaries listed to become the national, even the world leader in energy efficiency and low carbon smart cities with the annual output value of billions of US Dollars.
There are many advantageous / benefits offered by our refrigerant product, but the top 6 benefits are:
1.No damage to the ozone layer (ODP=0, Ozone Depletion potential), no greenhouse effect (GWP<3, Global Warming Potentials);. reduce the carbon powder layer caused by coal combustion (with PM 2.5 level greatly reduced) and other hazardous gases
2.Small Compression ratio; greater evaporation latent heat; electricity- saving up to 10%-36%.
3.Fuel saving rate for the total consumption under automobile running conditions: 1.69%. If we only compare it to the energy an A/C in an automobile would consume, then a 20% fuel saving is achieved; CO Emission reduced by 45%; SOX Emission reduced for 8.33%
4.A patented product under the National Science and Technology Plan 863
5.The refrigeration equipment does not need any change to substitute Freon and other refrigerant with our Natural HC refrigerant.
6.The usage amount is just 1/3-1/2 of Freon (R22) to reduce cost.
7.Smaller compression ratio results in lower working pressure and temperature, which can greatly reduce the operation load of compressor and extend compressor lifetime.
8.Compatible with all commonly used refrigeration lubricants not corrosive to metal and to rubber commonly used in refrigeration equipment.

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