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Flourishing Transfer Printing Sticker Factory

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Dongguan Shipai Flourishing Transfer Printing Sticker Factory was established in 2005.With convenient transportation, we are open-armed with all creative and wonderful designs by customer all around the world. After five years' development, we have become professional and mature in transfer printing technique so as to supply quality and satisfactory goods to buyers.Flourishing Transfer specializes in manufacturing various transfer printing products, such as water transfer stickers, heat transfer paper and cold transfer stickers. Our products can be used as decorative articles for all kinds of hard or soft, big or small, flat or uneven, regular or irregular things, except for water or air. As to water transfer stickers, we have tattoo transfer stickers and other picturesque stickers, with pattern being suitable to be transferred on any hard stuff, like electrical appliances, wooden furniture, glass work, hardware and plastic products.If you want to decorate the soft articles, like garments, handbags, staff toys, shoes, hats, gloves and socks, heat transfer paper will certainly do you a favor. Nevertheless, our factory is capable of supplying various heat transfer paper, like puff transfer paper, foaming transfer paper, laser transfer paper, colorized beading transfer paper and flocking transfer paper.As to cold transfer printing, it could be the most easy-handle craft as it could be pasted on the commodities by pressing or rubbing alone. Rub ons and press ons belong to this family, and we can do various finishing efficiently on the rub-on transfers like fluorescence, luminous, reflective, golden, silver, matte in compliance with your preference. Moreover our rub-on transfers are easy to apply and designed to add beautiful detail without muss or fuss. In addition, they are acid and lignin free with non-allergic and non-harmful substances, some of which are intelligent handmade craft for kids to apply creatively on DIY card making, scrapbooking and other paper craft projects.Therefore, with our perfect and quality transfer printing tech, we believe every one can make a difference for your belongings by use of our making.In a spirit of "Quality Priority, Customers Supreme", Flourishing Transfer will become flourishing with our creative buyers in the near future, for we respect and value the impulse and the interest and the ideas to change or refresh our living surrounding by transfer printing, and we appreciate your expression of personality by "Flourishing Transfer". In case you have any query or interest in our transfer tech, please feel freely to contact with us. If you trust on our tech, welcome to cooperate with us, as to experience is to believe, that "Flourishing Transfer"is of the best quality and service.

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