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Fidelio International Sdn Bhd

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Fidelio International Sdn Bhd was established in year 1996 as an International Trading company coupled with contract manufacturing facilities for OEM brands.Fidelioâs focus had always been on environment friendly products, foreseeing the after effects of the abundant use of non-environment friendly products.We sell our biodegradable, compostable tableware, degradable environment friendly carrier as well as trash bags, medical gloves, paper pallets and solar panels directly to wholesalers, retailers, distributors and dealers worldwide.With strong foundation rooted in our committed workforce, in the demanding market and competitive environment, FIDELIO continuously looks out to improve its products for the benefit of its customersFidelio International Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based company and was in export business for many years. We are one of the well-known supplier of eco â friendly products in Malaysia. We are supplying biodegradable food containers, biodegradable fruits and vegetables trays, biodegradable bags and paper pallets.Biodegradable bags ( Carrier bag / garbage bag)Biodegradable bags made from 100 % starch and degradable was based on starch and less oil. They are perfect as they can easily disposed and distengrate into environment residues. Biodegradable bags degrades and compost within 180 days on landfills.Biodegradable food containersOur biodegradable food containers are made from sugar cane biomass and it is environment friendly. Its degradation process with ideal conditions(moisture, bacteria, UV) makes it an environment friendly product unlike Styrofoam and plastic containers. The product is ideal; for take away, restaurants, parties, picnics, caterings and very presentable to be used for formal and informal functions. It is microwavable, freezer safe, leak proof, heat and cold resistant.Biodegradable Fruits and Vegetables traysBiodegradable Fruits and vegetables trays are made from oil palm fibre. The materials used are all natural waste products from palm oil industry. Biodegradable fruits and vegetables are produce with different shapes, sizes and colours according to customer preference. The colouring and printing is done using 100% biodegradable inks and dyes thus to maintain the biodegradable status of trays.

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