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Ferguson Casca Production,Ltd.

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the Cascrilla Bark [ Croton Eluteria ] is one of the most useful organic tribal herb medicine on the market to day, its juice is use for so many ailment ,no other herb can compair to the castarilla,it is used for some many ailment and is proven to be very good to use for preventing sickness,with a good wellness atribute,the juice is use for food&beverage flavoring,including candys, the oil is used for cosmetic,such as soap and perfume,its powder is use for capsuling,for medical use such as cold/flue,fever, cough,diarrhea,anemia,high blood pressure,hemorrhoids,dysentery,intestinal,bloating,gas,colic,nausea,chronic bronchitis,nothing is throw away from the cascarilla plant,the sticks can be grind up for fiber powder which is excellent for human use the, we also carry herbal tea whiich is the 5 fingers, bark product is known to be safe by the FDA PART 182 Substance SEC 182-20 Fema # 2255

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