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The base ingredient in Supa Crisp Supreme is the purest form of Palm Olein available in the country, with a slip melting point of about 10 degrees. When compared to other olein on the markets, with a slip melting point (SMP) of 20oC. The new SMP means that the oil will remain liquid for longer and will also re-constitute back to liquid form faster, if delivered in a refrigerated vehicle. The true benefits will be appreciated during winter when temperatures drop well below the 20-degree mark. Over and above the advantages of the improved SMP, your new product contains an anti-crystallization agent, specifically developed and patented for Felda Bridge Africa by Felda in Malaysia. This agent assists in retarding the natural solidification process. Supa Crisp Supreme Universal Frying Oil has also been enriched with Vitamin E (Tocotrienols), Beta�arotene and Vitamin A, D and K resulting in a healthier product. Supa Crisp Supreme Universal Frying Oil contains NO Trans Fatty Acids.

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