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FAMET Process Equipment and Machinery Inc. in Kêdzierzyn-Ko¼le has over 60-years experience in design, production and delivery of process apparatus, machines and equipment for key branches of industry in Poland and abroad.For almost 30 years, FAMET Inc. has been specializing in manufacturing and delivery of subassemblies, components and parts for building machines for a large scale. These elements are produced for leading European machinery producers located in Germany, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain.FAMET Inc. offers:APPARATUS AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTcomplete air coolers and condensers for refineries, petrochemical, chemical, power and gas industryshell & tube heat exchangers for refineries, petrochemical and chemical industryhelically baffled heat exchangers of HELIXCHANGER type for refineries, petrochemical and power industriesheat exchangers low and high pressure, recovery heaters, air pre-heaters, coolers for oil and water as well as feed-water deaerators and gland steam condensers for power industry and heat engineering gas filters â for gas industries,bimetallic finned tubes EXTRUDED type and G, L, LL type devices for mechanical sewage treatment plantsvessel process apparatus in accordance with individual customer requirements

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