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Erteka UAB

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We can offer Acid Etching glass line, which by means of an innovative technological process of automatic production in series, achieves the different acid etching off glass, guaranteeing an excellent quality of the result and with a remarkable increase of the production: more than 150 matt sheets in 8 working hours.The Acid Etching glass line is designed to be able to adapt to the size of any glass sheet, without limitation of measures. - Acid Etching glass line (Standard): 46,00x3,50 m y glass sheets up to 3,25x2,60 m Producing in 8 working hours: 180-200 matt sheets. - Acid Etching glass line Jumbo: 47,00x5,50 m y glass sheets up to 6,00x3,21 m. Producing in 8 working hours: 90-100 matt sheets. Besides, The measurements of the Acid Etching glass line can be adapted to all necessities of the customers.

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