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Company Description

We provide thermal materials, EMI shielding materials, polymer and adhesives materials, insulation materials, inductive components and bulk molding compounds. Now, we are expanding to building and construction materials.

Our products gained quality certification and office networks in HK, Taiwan, Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai. Our company provides excellent value-added services including fabrication, adhesion, lamination, repackaging as well as 3 dimensions delivery & technical advice service in China.

Company Mission
1. We are fully committed to building up long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our principals and customers.
2. We provide different kinds of products & services to satisfy the needs of electronics materials & components for customers with on time delivery.
3. To supply quality products and services at the lowest reasonable cost and continuous improvements to achieve total customer satisfaction.
4. Differentiate ourselves from our competitors by selling technically-sell the benefits and true values of our innovative products to solve problems for our customers.
5. Providing value added, environmental and user friendly products, services and conveniences (multiple locations, one stop shopping) to customers.
6. Listen to customer voices.
7. Being the market leader not the market follower.
8. To focus mainly in electronic markets in China region.
9. Communicate effectively with customers and principals.
10. To maximize shareholders' wealth and awareness of social concerns.

Company Culture
Quality: Do it Right at First Time, Total Quality Control
Effectiveness: Work Precisely and Thoroughly for Effectiveness
Service: Quick Response, On Time and Excellent Service
Team spirit: Integrated R&D, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Logistics & all other Supporting and Services to Satisfy Customer Needs

Our Deliverables

Sectors of Application
Telecommunications & Electronics (mobile phones, portable device, PDA, digital camera, computer, LED/LCD panels, touch panel, radio frequency identification (RFID), fax machine)
Household Appliances (microwave ovens, water heaters, speaker, Filter, iron, digital thermometer)
Multimedia (television, electronic terminals, office equipment)
Automotive industry (forward & backward lighting, air conditioning, speed sensors, motor mount, automotive heat shields)
Health Industry (medical equipment)

Major Product Lines
Major Products:

Thermal Management Materials
Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers
Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials
Thermal Grease
Thermally Conductive Insulators
Electrically Conductive Interface Pads
EMI/Microwave Absorbers

Polymer & Adhesive Materials
COB / Die Attach / Carbon Ink / Halogen free black epoxy
Potting / UV Adhesive
Conformal Coating Adhesive, Moisture & Heat Resistance Adhesive
Fixing and General Adhesive
LED Die Attach Adhesive
Instant Adhesive / Others

EMI Shielding Materials
Fabric Over Foam Gaskets
DYNASHEAR(TM) Card/Cage Gaskets
Conductive Foam
Conductive Elastomers
Conductive Tapes
I/O Shielding Gaskets
Environmental / EMI Shielding
BeCu Fingerstock

Transformer and Coils
Switching Transformer
Telecom/ADSL/Lan Transformer
T Core & Power Choke
SMD Power Inductor
Laminated Transformer
Audio Transformer
Current Sense Transformer
Custom Made Magnetics

Molding Compounds
Bulk Molding Compounds

Insulation Materials
Insulation Materials: E.g. Mylar, Normex, Formex

Value-added Services
Material Fabrication, Adhesion, Lamination and Repackaging
3 Dimensions Delivery (Hong Kong, China and Taiwan)
Professional Technical Support

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