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Our products, intelligent temperature controllers, intelligent count controllers, intelligent time relays and all kinds of industrial automation controllers, are all manufactured strictly based on European CE standards, after weld the plug-in units and chip components on the circuit board, they has gone through five rigorous tests including testing in extreme temperatures (-20â?? to 75â??), testing in various work loads and conditions, and testing using specialized instruments. These tests are designed to ensure the ITC is accurate, reliable and durable in various applications under normal and special working conditions.Our pruducts are widely used in injection molding, extrusion, blowing bottles, blowing film, sealing and cutting, bronzing, CIS packaging, food processing, printing machineries and equipments; and multi points and high temperature single equipments or supporting PC, PLC, PC(constant temperature drying, hot runner, metal heating treatment, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramic, electric power generating units, etc. ), to organized a intelligent multi points remote temperature control system, and counting, timing, tension control and other automation control system. Our company focuses on the development and innovation of intelligent instrument temperature control system.At present, the control functions and range of our intelligent temperature controllers are rich with a low price, the products can meet different grades, mechanical equipments and industrial environment control demand. Styilong, a new high-tech company with full of vitality and innovation. Our purpose:PCE P â?? Professional, C â?? Crealive, E â?? Exceed. Our ultimate goal of eternal development:Beyond ourselves, beyond our peers, always improving with the high quality. YiLong Meters, with CE standards and quality, gives you an safe and intelligent life.

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