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Company ProfileAs an excellent composite tool supplier in China, Edgev has devoted greatly to continuous development of the national industry as well as the global prosperity. Edgev Hardmetal Tools Co., Ltd. is a composite cutting tools supplier who works on the design, development, production, marketing and technical service of the products. Meanwhile, it covers a great range of cutting tools and grinding tools of high-speed steel product, cemented carbide, ceramic, cubic boron nitride and adamas; in addition, it is also in charge of import and export, after-sale service, technical transportation as well as advisory service, all of which involves many different high-end fields such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing and ship building, wind power generation and mechanical parts processing. Edgev at present is making great endeavor to continuously develop and improve its self-system and network. The reform and open in China has attracted the worlds attention and gained remarkable achievements since the beginning of the 21st century. However, the development of one countrys industrialization and informatization can not be separated from mechanical manufacture. Edgev Hardmetal Tools is in supply excellent products for the first-class manufacturers of machine cutting tools, providing the users with one-stop and all-around solutions of domestic tools and convenient and efficient distribution service. The products cover a broad range of the mechanical processing industries such as turning, milling, drilling and abrasive machining. In the future, Edgev Hardmetal Tools will be dedicated to create more values and services for the users; meanwhile, it will make great endeavor to furnish more practical, low-cost and reliable products for the global customers; Edgev will produce world-famous cutting tool products and finally have its products incorporated into the global cutting tools supply chain.Edgev would like to make progress with you together and seek common development.Company Objective: There is no doubt the universal law of survival of the fittest is not only suitable for the natural world, but also the trade circles.Edgev owns the basic conception that make a point of the honor, make perfection more perfect, make small profits but quick returns and promote alternation and innovation, devoting itself to becoming a reliable and satisfying supplier of cutting tools.Edgev will make continuous effort, keep persistence, make technical and product innovation and promote revolution so as to cater for the customers diversity demands and furnish higher-quality products and service.Stepping from the high performance cutting tools, Edgev business scope will constantly cover other fields, dedicating greatly to the development of the society as well as the economic prosperity.Edgev will be prepared for the new challenges and constantly cater for the social requirements of age, and Edgev will also make positive efforts in the following aspects such as high-technology, informatization, specialization, internationalization, higher sense of environment protection and establishing a cycle society structure for resource recycling and reusing.Outstanding enterprise culture and team spirit will be cultivated within the company, so that self-actualization can be achieved.Internet :www(dot)edgev-tools(dot)comInfo. Center:Tel. & Fax: +86 411 8756 0365E-mail: sales(at)edgev-tools(dot)com Service Time: 24 Hours

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