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Earth Nurture Europe

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Earth Nurture Europe in association with Earth Nurture USA manufacture, market and supply ENA2.0 microbiodegradable masterbatch additive. This is a highly developed additive that actually works and has been scientifically proven by two 3rd party independent laboratories using extended testing under ASTM and ISO international rules and instructions under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

This patent registered microbiodegradable additive (ENA2.0) will transform conventional oil based plastics into biodegradable products that will biodegrade naturally in landfills and anywhere micro-organisms are present in aerobic or anaerobic conditions and natural bodies of water, soil etc in 1 to 5 years

We can also produce certain products made with our additive to customers specifications. For instance biodegradable HDPE or LDPE bags, drinking straws, PE or PP cutlery etc to client specifications.

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