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Dongguan Yihai Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan Yihi Electronic Co.,Limited

We are the Biggest and the Most Professional Chip Manufacturer in China with more than 4 years of experience. We Only focus on Vapor industry. YiHiEcigar is the trend Leader of Vapor world.

Mr.Chen (Boss and R&D Director ) and his Software&Hardware team devoted their great enthusiasm to innovate more Useful, Smart and Affordable products for vaporizer.

We are proud to share with you our history of innovation.
.End of 2011, we published subversive technology- Variable Voltage and Wattage 3-6 volts or 3-15 watts respectively ,which became the main trend among Intelligent E-cig.

.2011, Developped a new Technology that products can be used with either Single or Double batteries. Representative device "Vamo" &"Zmax"
.2012, we released "SVD"
.June 2013, Gravity Sensor . Our Patent of invention. Representative device " Legend "
.Dec, 2013, SX220 22W&SX200 20W chip be experimented successfully. Representative device "Seven-22" & "Sigelei 20W"
July,2014: We released another 3 chips for SX serie SX330 V1 35W, V2 50W and V3 100w
Aug,2014: SX330 V2S 60w & V3S 150W has been released.
wellknown device "Sigelei 100w" ,"IPV2S" and "IPV3"

SX350 , the 2nd generation intelligent chip, has been worldwide released. It's another revolution in this industry.
(Upgradable, Buck-Boost&Boost Dual-core chip, Subohm 0.1ohm, Bypass-Mech Killer),which is recognized as the industry standard.
Feb,2014: SX350 Official publication, 30w with 0.2ohm.
May,2014: Bluetooth funcation for SX350 has been released.
May 1,2014: 35w upgrade software have been released, upgrade SX350 from 30w to 35w
Jun 30,2014: we released the 50w upgrade software, SX350 have been upgraded from 35w directly to 50w
Aug 8, 2014: we released the 60w with 0.1ohm and rotary display upgrade software
Sep, 2014 : SX350 100watts modular. It can be pluged in different screen and USB.

Only unexpected, no impossible. We only believe in Interest, Passion and Devotion.
Continuous Innovation is our Mission!

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