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Dongguan City,Linbaiao Hologrphic Anti-couterfeiting Products Factory

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Dongguan city,linbiao holgraphic anticounterfeiting products factory,a professional production and development of high technology products of the security services company,providing long-rerm laser holographic security printing products and services as the best hologram design,but also the guests with a request to re-create and Design integration services company.
Customers:laser hologram security and the security code for two categories of services,its services include:laser image as product design and production of pirated by the guests as it stood, Code for anti-counterfeiting producas is more humane,laser materials and xodes security products membrane pressure,a plastic,die-cutting,points,
Printing,Penma,all packaged version to the factory, are all colsed in dust-free shop Operation to ensure that customers optimize security products.
Customers located in mainland China and Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States,forwqrd-looking strategy to consider the establishment of production research and development base,pprduct development supply security services training and shorten the production cycle to facilitate the supply of materials.
Integrated services aimed
Innovative thinking, focused laseer holographic anti-counterfeiting products of advanced production design technology research and development of high-quality research and development team continued development of advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies to meet customers for enhanced product features and cost rdeuction needs.

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