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Di Feng Printing Packing Co., Ltd.

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We specialize in working on a large thick plastic product development, production technology and large-scale alternative to injection molding a plastic product, now has more than one plate forming machine. Forming the largest range of 3000 * 2000 * 900 (L * W * H), thickness range: 1.5 ~ 12mm; company has the plastic, mold manufacturing R & D personnel were selected from a reputable professional technical schools, and ten in the thick plastic processing industry years of experience, professional skills, excellent product quality better. Plastic used in plastic plates are imported A-level, to produce the products are tested by SGS, the use of sheet metal, including: glossy, matte, frosted and striae ABS, HIPS, PMMA, PC, PP, PET, PETG , PVC, ABS + PMMA composite sheet and so on. Since large-scale study of the plastic processing, not only beyond the injection effect, more than the low cost injection molds, the production efficiency of fast, plastic mold injection mold only one-twentieth of the cost, production time, production time only injection two-thirds, in particular, small quantities of products to customers to solve the problem of high production costs. The main products are automobile panels, machinery enclosures, medical equipment, plastic products used in construction, household appliances shell, printed panels, furniture parts, plastic products, tourism, catering equipment, large toys, boxes, lamp, mining mask, diffuser, in the refrigerator freezer bile door lamps, medical mattress, massage chair, chair disability, dental chairs, beach drag basin, the elevator trim; stage lamp housing, rear projection TV housings, vacuum cleaner housing, sports equipment, casing, mounting solar panels, heating pipe mounting plate; auto parts, liquid crystal display glass, model displays, display, medical cover, car cover products.

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