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Delicato Skincare takes great pride in being loyal and dedicated to the professional skincare industry. Its been noted by customers that we offer the best professional anti aging products for immediate and long lasting visible effects. We defy time.

The product has the ability to smooth the skin, fill wrinkles and lift, it offers dramatic and noticeable results. We believe that our scientifically developed skincare range of products have bridged the gap between prescription drugs and cosmetics.

Delicato is one of the few, if not the only skincare range, that 95% of clients can not only feel, but see a difference after using a Delicato skincare range for the first time.

We are currently the only product house in South Africa with the latest cosmetics technology. The full product range contains liposomes which insure deeper penetration of the product, healing and cleansing your skin from the inside out.

Delicato Skincare offers salon owners a most comprehensive and professional skincare range of products that guarantees satisfied customers retention that is available for all skin types.
Delicato Skincare also offers salon owners:
* Free training
* Flexible orders(no minimum orders)
* Excellent profit margins
* Outstanding service
* Promotional support( website, customer referrals etc.)
* No royalty fees on franchised salons

Visit the franchise page for more info.

Delicato is a revolutionary natural skincare product that contains up to 19 natural reactive plant ingredients.

We do NOT test on animals. Paraben and SLS Free.

Delicato skincare products was at a stage only available for a few selected clients, after a lot of enquiries about the product we decided to make it more widely available for the public in salons.

We currently have 32 products that are developed under the Delicato skincare brand. Delicato caters for every skin type and skin condition. Products are prescribed to each clients individual needs by a fully trained skincare therapist.

Delicato Skincare products is perfect for a salon who wants a professional and affordable skincare product with no minimum order and the highest discount on products, with full support and product training(bigger profit on product sales).

Delicato originated by doing research on reactive ingredients that is best known to heal and prevent further damage to the skin.

Delicato is a scientific product that is medically orientated. We did research on all the best products in South Africa and overseas, identified their reactive ingredients and use it in our manufacturing process to give the best results. All our reactive ingredients are natural plant extracts that, in different combinations, will give you the required results. We have developed product with up to 19 natural plant extracts in combination to give us the required results we aimed for. Thus we can claim that our product is revolutionary.

We still keep contact with research being done overseas to stay on top of new development in science. We have the capacity to give the best service but not too big to alter formulations in a very short time to stay on top of new developments. All our raw materials are imported from Europe but the product itself gets developed and manufactured in South Africa. To fit our environment and climate and can be seen as customized for each individual skin type. Products usually lack in the climate regard, the environment all over the world is of the polluted type. European products tend to over moisturise and under protect South African skin.

An independent individual tested a sample of Delicato natural skincare product against a leading European brand and Delicato was found better in performance and decided to use us as manufacturer for there skincare range.

Delicato is of a multifunctional botanical complex built in relation with the multiple biological phenomenons at the origin of skin ageing. It combines plants which were selected for their synergetical and complim

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