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Degerli Makina

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DEGERLI MAKINA has started manufacturing SENSITIVE HOLDER SET in KONYA in 1987 and become a trade mark under company DEGERLI in 1992 and since then production goes on under this brand name. By means of exporting some of its products, our company supplies significant incomes to Turkish economy.

Our company has increased its number of machines and staff to provide a better and quality service.

Our company has attended number of fairs and made presentations to share the quality and service approach with our customers.

-In order to not to concession from the quality, the goods controlled during pre and post production process, so that we do not cause any error.

The most vital important controls are foremost THERMAL PROCESS, then HARDNESS MEASUREMENT analysis, sensitivity measurement of SURFACE ROUGHNESS during production and BALANCING process. All of these procedures are being documanted and kept.

The product informaiton is written on the product by LASER MARKING for the customers to be well informed about the products. Thus, our customers will be able to choose the product easily next time.
Consequently, our purpose is to manufacture more sensitive and quality goods and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
We hope to improve our company futher by your valuable support and keep its quality and service without any concession.
Offering high quality products in worldwide standarts suitable for legal and technical regulations.

Aiming to be leader of the sector by applying technical renovations in our company and considering our staff and suppliers as partners in groving and improvement process.

Consideringon on the job training important to improve skils and cognition of our staff.
Being respectful to the environment.

In wiev of constantly improving, taking DEGERLI MAKINA, where technology and confidence combined, to sustain new success in each day.

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