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INKBANUL HPvo 1 is a permanent ink cartridge dedicated to HP printers. The Nuro Group designed and produced it by integrating a state-of-art technology into it. Our experts had collected and examined all problems which the CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) in the market had, and finally launched the trouble-free permanent ink cartridge Vo 2.LED 1.Easy Installation & Easy use 2.The double sliding guides precisely made to fit the slot securely hold INKBANGUL in it. 3.Unlike CISS with ink refilling method, INKBANGUL uses the ink pack replacement method. 4Ink pack prevents ink from drying. 5.Incorporated Ink pressure regulating system :HP printers with HP No. 88 and No.940 head use a system where ink is supplied to the head through the cartridge pump. The type is patented. A copy or modification of the system is prohibited by the law (Infringe of patent rights may cause the infringer to be fined or ordered to stop the sales, or finally lead him/her to bankruptcy. You may take all inconvenience from it). Most of tube/tubeless CISSs available in the market use only atmospheric air pressure to supply ink to the head with the patented pump module having been removed. This type is causing lots of troubles. INKBANGUL vo.2 LED does not have such pump module, either. But it has an additional & unique ink-pressure regulating system to supply ink to the head smoothly so that your printer will never experience such troubles. Using the printer maker�� pump module or its imitation is infringing the patent rights. Users of CISS with such a pump module may be a victim of the lawsuit filed by the printer maker, or the lawsuit may lead your CISS supplier to bankruptcy. Then there will be no one you can order your additional ink with or your CISS can be serviced by.

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