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Damyung Optical Co., Ltd.

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Collectively lens camera made ??from optical glass, TV cameras, microscopes, telescopes, etc..A combination of glass and other optical refractive index and dispersion ratio spherical curvature consists of a combination of different lenses. Place a distinct combination of symmetric and placed the lens back and forth on the same combination group (?) to asymmetric configuration of the photographic lens. Both chromatic aberration (? ? ?) and spherical aberration and coma aberration and non-astigmatic (to increase the sharpness of the image by removing the inherent shortcomings of the lens ? ?? ?) �screen ten thousand (? ? ??) �screen distortion purpose. Types (? ?) approximately 50 �standard angle of view from 180 �ultra-wide-angle lens fisheye lens, telephoto lens, the focal length of 2,000 mm, F 1.2, large-diameter (? ??) lens.

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