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The CJSC Mavsim & Co is ready to realize ideas of your business.We bring to your attention the whole complex of services for development, expansion and improvement of activity of your company, namely:CONSULTING AND OUTSOURCING in the sphere:  Finance, taxation, accountingShots/outstaffing and legal momentsMarketing and strategic tasks  Logistic decisions by the foreign trade deliveries.Accounting consulting:Complete conducting of accounting (Account outsourcing);Restoration, organization and accounting statement;Development of accounting policies, consultation on conducting accounting;Development of internal methodical documents and materials on the accounting organization;Express analysis, accounting, and reporting assessment;Holding corporate seminars for the staff of the companies in the field of accounting and internal control;The solution of other problems connected with aspects of accounting and the reporting;Outsourcing of internal audit;Maintenance of external audit. Consulting services in the field of Strategic Planning:Specialists of our firm will develop offers on development of Your business, modernization and reconstruction of operating productions, going out to new sales markets of production, carrying out other structural transformations at the enterprises.Development of the Business Plan - that is developing of justification of the project that is giving the chance comprehensively to estimate efficiency of future business, to answer a question - whether it is worth investing money in this action;The analysis of financial and economic activity of the company - identification strong and weaknesses in a financial condition of the company, and a measure for its strengthening or how to go out from a difficult financial situation;  Budgeting - introduction of procedure of management by expenses on each division of the company, monthly calculation of financial results, the sums of stimulation and measures which need to be carried out next month for correction of the received results. The support services connected with business of the client:Independent inventory - inventory of fixed assets, inventory of goods and materials, property marking, automation of processes and granting the qualified experts;Consulting on confirmation of the company receivables and payables;Ensuring oral and written consultations of inquiries from the Client. Outsourcing personnel services/outstaffingLegalization of the employees working on the contract, without payment of income and social taxes is necessary for many companies. Besides, at dismissal of the employee during a trial period, the last can file a lawsuit and claim the severance pay. To avoid problems, the company in this case also can address to us, thereby having received the following benefits: in particular, questions of safety of work, a time sheeting of working hours, etc., the company-оutstaffer is engaged in the solution of all problems arising at the maintenance of staff. Remuneration to agency for the provided services is less, than the maintenance of staff of the additional personnel. In addition, labour costs of HR employees, accounts departments are reduced. The company-outstaffer selects the necessary personnel in time and quickly, without additional expenses on advertising. It is especially convenient concerning seasonal workers. International trade relations:Taking into account globalization and economy integration, the company suggests to improve Your international trade relations and to minimize your risks in the course of the foreign trade deliveries. To count possible benefit and efficiency of procurement processes, deliveries, customs registration, services of warehousing, unloading and loading works, conditions of payments. Search of reliable suppliers, buyers, partners, carrying out advertising and other actions for advance of goods on the foreign markets, etc. Signing agreements with contractors:  with suppliers, buyers, partners, with transport, warehouse and insurance companies, etc. Control of goods (pre-sale, after-sale service) Mediation in payment operations Settling of misunderstanding with customs Representation in arbitration courts About the company:The MAVSIM closed joint stock company enters the market of services of the Republic of Tajikistan as the independent managing subject from current 2014.  Company main task is to solve difficult marketing, financial, economic, tax, legal, logistic and personnel questions, and also questions on programming (to creation of databases for ordering of business processes).We stake on high quality of provided services, and full confidentiality while performing professional tasks.Our team consists of the certified and diplomaed professionals in the sphere, namely marketing specialists, economists, lawyers, logisticians, accountants, financiers, programmers of IT technologies.  We are proud that our employees have such international certificates, as:  FIATA, CAP.For more information on activity and key tasks of CJSC Mavsim & Co you can visit our site: www.mavsim.com. We are looking forward your questions and offers on [email protected] Cost of servicesFlexible approach and reasonable price policy allow our clients to receive high-quality services in reasonable price and to control expenses on accounting services.Our company is ready to offer the individual and combined offers on payment of our services taking into account needs and requirements of each certain client.

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