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Chongqing Guandong Trade Co., Ltd

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Chongqing Guandong Trade Company is a subsidiary company of the Chongqing Tongsheng Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. which is a non-state enterprise with a combination operation of industry, finance and trading. It boasts a staff of more than 1200, including over 150 senior administrative and engineering personnel, with 4 wholly owned subsidiaries, 2 holding corporation and 1 joint stock corporation which respectively are Chongqing Tongsheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. , Chongqing Tongsheng Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd. , Lifan-Tongsheng Associated Company of Motorcycle Components Manufacturing (Joint venture), Chongqing Tongsheng-Jianshe Industry Co., Ltd (Joint venture) and Chongqing Ancheng Property Insurance Co., Ltd(Joint stock).Based on the strength of the Tongsheng Group, the Guandong Trade Company will avail itself of its advantages to develop further. We now have set up several workshops and offices in Vietnam and Indonesia and etc. We also are planning to establish more offices in other countries and regions. The people of the Guandong Company will stick to the sincere attitude and professional experience to make stronger.Guide by clients needs of international target market, aiming at value optimization of supply chain, with the system integration plant CKD/SKD/OEM of Tongsheng Group being the support, the company commits itself to build up international trading operation and management mode of concerning all-growth and all win of supplier, integrator and clients, and with that to support the cooperative diversification and related diversification strategy, internationalization strategy and integration strategy of Tongsheng Group, and finally realize sound and continuous development.On the basis of our capabilities, Group's support and our respectful customers' mutual cooperation, all of the people of Guandong Trade Company believe that the enterprise will become stronger and dynamic. We will get the brilliant future without and doubts.

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