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Chlarine Resources S.l.

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Chlarine Resources s.l. is engaged in export and import business. Our primary focus is to meet the very basic needs of the industrial sectors of european and nigerian ecomomies.Our management comprises of proffesionals with over 15 years of work experience in the field of product procurement and sales, logistic management, produce exports, trade negotiations and general business management.Our experience in the field has revealed the existence of a wide gab between the nigerian businessmen and their european counterparts in their foreign trade transcations; problems such as long delays, misrepresentations, greedy agents, market sourcing, documentation and financing procedures that accompany import and export business which normally results to huge loss of money.Chlarine therefore, provides adequate and proffessional services that addresses these problems with the the end result of maximising returns on investment and also reducing considerable, the operational costs of potential clients in their foreign trade transactions.

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