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CALIM GRABS and MARITIME EQUIPMENTS MFG. company has worked in the grab and sea equipments industry since 1970. Our company is specialised in manufacturing and repairing of clamshell buckets and grabs which are in cast load transfer. Since the foundation in 1970, CALIM delivered over thousand and five hundred grabs to customers. Our workers are continuously working to develop and build the most efficient and cost-effective grabs. We gained a big development in the sector and our variety of products have been increased to 30 types. Besides the standard product range, we also develop unique solutions for specific situations and customer needs.
Also, our independence, experience and expertise in the professional earth-moving and grab equipment sector is very big. we also have certified assurance for all of our grabs.Just a few of the characteristics that make CALIM the obvious choice when it comes to tailored national and international solutions. Our products are at the world standarts and we are proud of owning a modern machine park that is adaptable very fast to technologic devolopments in the world.

Our products have been used all over ports and cement factories in Turkey and some other countries.
CALIM GRABS AND MACHINES PRODUCTION COMPANY will continue to be a reliable signature in the machine industry.
Design, research and development are made by our design department and we use special 3D-CAD computer programs. Also we follow every technologic developments by this department. Our organization and in service-training programs are prepared by consultants who are expert on their subjects. Every stage of the production is controled to obtain the continuity of high quality. We expect your critiques and proposals that will guide us to better custom solutions. CALIM FAMILY look their future hopefully with supports of their esteemed customers.

Calim grabs can be found at all major ports in the middle east. Actually, everywhere where bulk material is handled in a fast and efficient way, it is likely you'll see another Calim. We also produce over 1500 grabs for Turkey and the middle east customers. In total more than 1500 grabs have been delivered to customers in all over the middle east.


Our main customers are amongst the following groups of companies:

- Crane manufacturers - Stevedoring Companies

- Dredging Companies - Shipping Companies

- Fertilizer works Companies - Cement works Companies

- Mining Companies - Alumina producers

- Steel manufacturers - Electrical power plants

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