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We at Bio Mantra manufacture rich quality of Vermicompost with the name BHUMI MANTRA in Gujarat.Vermicompost available with us is the best product with the combination of neem powder, coco coir, fungicides, 3 types of biofertilizers in right proportion available in the market.We can supply up to 500T annually.We have Bio fertilizers & Bio Pesticides which acts as pesticie, insecticide, fungicide & wormicide in the combination.One more product available with us is KAVACH MANTRA which is to be used with UREA to decrease the use of UREA with almost 50% and increases the Yield with about 10-15%.STOP buying 10-15 different Bio products from the market.Just buy our 4 Products which gives the combination of all useful Bio agriculture products available in the market.Please Feel free to contact at any time.

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